Cal Poly Hammock Club

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Cal Poly Hammock Club is an outdoor adventure club with an emphasis on hammocks for any student who is interested. We do our best and provide fun hammock gatherings, hikes, camping trips and a great atmosphere that all can enjoy.

We do hikes, bonfires, camping trips, and hammocking sessions.

We also make friends, with each other, and with you.

If you have had a thrill for adventures and hangouts, and overall hanging a great time in the outdoors, then you should come on trips. We even have hammocks for you to use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in Hammock Club?

Hang out! Go on fun adventures, hammock hangouts, hikes, and other cool outdoor activities. We really just love enjoying the outdoors while relaxing in our hammocks.

How much does it cost to join? And what do I get out of it?

Membership dues are $20 for new members, for a whole year, access to discounted hammock gear, club swag, entry into hammock giveaways, free food at events, ability to use and borrow club gear and awesome opportunities to meet fun people! You also get sweeet deals with a primo outdoor deals company called College Outside! We're talking $12 off hammocks, $100 off jackets, $40 off sleeping bags, kind of sweet deals. Trust me when I say dues pay for themselves.

How do I join? Who do I contact?

Pay your dues at one of the general meetings, or any of our events. The easiest way to get on the email list is to enter your email on the home page of this website! The best way to reach us is through our email We are usually pretty good at responding quickly!

I don't own a hammock... can I still join?

Yes! Absolutely, we love introducing people to the world of hammocking. By joining hammock club you will gain access to discounts on hammocks and hammock gear. You will also be eligible to enter free hammock giveaways.

Where do you guys go to hammock?

Our two favorite spots are the architecture graveyard and the Pismo Pier as they allow for many hammockers to hang out together. There are also many great places all throughout SLO that we like. Check out the Hammock Map for great ideas on where to hang your hammock.

Still have a question?

Please contact us at and we will be more than happy to answer.

Hammock Map


Trevor Wardell


Howdy, I’m an architecture major from the Lone Star State. Came for the school stayed for the chill vibes. Most of my time is spent making models and absurd creations in my design studio, however whenever there is a chance to escape into the hills of SLO I try and take it. Didn’t even own a hammock when I first joined CPHC, yet now its damn near integral to my existence. Still discovering everything California has to offer, and I’m always looking for amigos to join me in the endeavor who are prepared to send it!

Emily Rauch


Emily is a tight af sophomore who doesn't know what her bio should be so Aidan wrote it for her. It's totally ironic because she's studying bio! Emily enjoys backpacking and hammocking and a whole lot of other dope stuff us hammock club officers like to do. Her last name is Rauch, her WOW leader was Francisco "my boi" Martinez, and Aidan needs to talk to her more to figure out her hopes and dreams.

Bryce Oberhauser-Lim

Vice President

Bryce is a hard-core b-baller who shoots footage with his drone and studies Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration. On a good day you can catch him working at PolyEscapes and on a bad day you can find him shooting hoops at the Rec. On a REALLY good day you can find him hanging around SLO. Not much else is known about him—he truly is a mystery man.

Quinn Porter

Event Coordinator

I am a second year Architectural Engineer and I am the youngest board member for CPHC, so I have yet to butt-chug hot coffee. I got into naturing through becoming an Eagle Scout and going on epic backpacking trips with my mommy. My favorite outdoor activities are surfing, backpacking, and trail running. I pride myself on being okay at a lot of things instead of really good at one. My favorite place in the entire world is high country Yosemite. Feel free to hit me up if you want a ride to go surf or hike. To me Hammock Club is where I found my community of fellow nature enthusiasts who are always down to have a good time and maybe get a little sendy with it.

Rialda Mustic

Social Media Lady

My name is Rialda Mustic, but I can also go by Ri, RiRi, or RiRi Bad Girl HA :-) I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and eventually ventured west to start college. That's where I stumbled upon the infamous Cal Poly Hammock Club. Not only has this club brought me to some of my closest friends, it has provided me with irreplaceable experiences and memories that will resonate with me eternally!! MUCH LOVE! I'm an Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences major here at Cal Poly and am pursuing a theatre minor as well. When I am not hammocking, I love to draw, watch movies, listen to oh so groovy muSICK, and adventure off with my pals exploring new cities and lands. If you ever see me around campus come say hi, or hit me up to go on a hike. I MIGHT even show you my secret talent hehe. NICE MEETING YOU, okee bye!

Aimee Eagle

Still discovering her true purpose in life

Hullo my name is Aimee & the outside makes me go yeeyee. I enjoy music a lot and doing hood rad shit with my friends. I love hash browns & other forms of potatoe with todo mi corazón & am so stoked to meet some cute papas fritas this upcoming year. I love jokes and cool dance moves and watching the sky do it’s thing. If you ever need someone to gawk at the ocean with or even a shoulder to cry on or even sometime to get thai food with, or maybe even hike with, I am your gal.

Peniel Ng

Gunning to be the treasurer

Waddup ya’ll, my name’s Peniel and I’m an aquaholic. When I’m not in the water I’m probably finding something new to do. My limited number of passions include skiing, stargazing, hammocking, line dancing, backpacking, sketching, mountain biking, jamming, baking, sunset viewing, and travelling… in no particular order. If you see me around say hi and you’ll get a “Yo waddup dog?”

Favorite animal: kangaroo

Favorite cheese: mozzarella

Favorite artists: NF, Black Keys, Puth

Favorite bucket list item: March with the penguins / Climb Trump’s wall

Sydney Sherman

After Rialda's job like a dog chasing a chew toy


I am a first year Journalism major, but don’t worry, only real news over here. I joined Hammock club my first week of school and haven’t looked back since! (No pressure.) Just here to hang out and have a good time with some good people. Hobbies include, but are not limited to: artistic endeavors, eating, Just Dance competitions, hiking, and binge watching TV shows. I will also take this opportunity to plug my insta @sydneysherm, follow for a good time;)

Morgan Wilkie

Backpack goddess

Morgan hails from the Northern Sierras, where the mountains were her backyard and the hammock her bed. She's been on dozens of backpacking trips and enjoys the wilderness more than Thoreau. Catch her on the trails.



Louis is an incredible young boi that always is stoked to hang with you. He has climbed the seven summits, and won the 2017 All American Windsuring and Ping Pong tournaments. Consumes carrots on the daily. Really good eyesight. Uses said eyesight to watch Game of Thrones.


Maybe you don't believe how fun our trips are. Hopefully these pictures will change that.

We've got lens flares.

Great logos

Rare puppers

Five-high hammock hangs

Oh, you thought we only did hammocking? We also rock climb!

We have amazing camping trips

And we take great photos of you

Want a sunset hike? We got a sunset hike

Here's what they were looking at btw

Hammocks on hammocks on hammocks!

Cave hangs!

International hangs!

Lake hangs!

Around-town hangs!